Crooked River Co-op Member Meetings

The Co-op membership meetings will be held every Wednesday at 6pm at the Co-op during the month of October. Please try to attend !

Here are the Minutes from October 2nd:

Minutes for 10/2/2013 CRAC meeting

Attending: Deb, Ann Marie, Connie, Tina, Kathy, Janelle, Tracy, Bud, Suzanne, Anne

Discussed hours of operation: currently Wed-Fri 1-6, Sat 10-6, Sun 10-2. thinking these hours will capture after lunch, after work crowds. Deb expressed she didn't want one person alone in Co-op after 6pm. Discussed having a notebook to track numbers of customers at dates and times, as well as for any customer comments.

Ann Marie says she lives close, call if problems, 607-565-8057

Deb discussed her role in the Co-op:

  • To pay rent and utilities for the co-op space and for Deb's management and marketing of the co-op. This will be will be co-op's commission share of sales, plus membership and any monthly fees we pay. In this way we do not have a salary or rent and utilities as separate expenses for the co-op and when revenues are slow, we will not have bills piling up, as she will just take the same percentage no matter the sales for that month.
  • Deb will also pay Suzanne for assets purchased by her before turn-over over time.
  • Deb will manage finances, sales tax, cleaning, schedule, recruitment of new artisans, and most of the marketing, and PR to include website design and maintenance and facebook.(mentioned new vinyl logo for upstairs windows, and a banner to indicate we are upstairs. Everything takes time and money!)
  • Deb got us a new ATM machine installed Wednesday. Better than credit cards as we incur no fees and man hours for managing the cc account.
  • Lastly, Deb emphasized this Co-op needs a team approach, and we need to work together to see it succeed. Liken it to nurturing a baby.

Checks for payment-Write driver's license # and phone # on check. Tina's making a display sign for $30 bad check fee.

Meeting will be every Wednesday at 6pm throughout October. Revisit after that.

Think what we can do to improve the co-op experience for the customer. Greet everyone. Make sure to SELL YOUR ITEMs. Mention the antiques available across the hall- they are part of the co-op, and handled in the same way. This diversity is good for the business. Any other thoughts?

The shop downstairs- Sweet Heavenly Crafts&Antiques- rents from Deb. The owner there will send people upstairs, and we need to reciprocate to send people down to her.
Also Deb will be working on flyers to distribute to local businesses explaining who we are, what we do, hours of operation, etc. The Red Door Mission shop across the street mentioned a need for this.


Kathy Higgins attended the Waverly Harvest Festival committee meeting, sponsored by the Waverly Business Assoc.
They'd like for us to decorate ourt doors and windows,and have a project or display on the sidewalk. Having something for kids was mentioned. We will be in the thick of the action with the pie-eating contest and live music close by.Committee to organize our part in the event was created. Members:Tina, Tracey, Deb, Kathy, and Anne. Input welcome.

Anticipating the Halloween parade to be held in Waverly this year, ? date at this point.

Like to have a meet and greet with artisans and public, great space in the kitchen area, wine, cheese, finger foods, etc, at some point.


Thanks, Everybody!

Anne Fell