Anne Fell - Walnut Lane Baskets

Expert basket maker Anne Fell was one of the first members of the Crooked River Artisan & Antiques Co-op located at 358 Broad St., Waverly, NY. When Anne was searching for a craft to pursue after retiring from a 37-year career in nursing, her sister-in-law introduced her to basket making. Anne discovered that she likes working with the raw materials and enjoys creating items that are both utilitarian and beautiful.

Anne creates baskets for sale and also volunteers at the Co-op.  She thinks the business is interesting and loves helping customers. She feels like part of a family with the other members and is more involved with the community than before she retired.

She continues to learn new basket making techniques and holds workshops at the Co-op. The Co-op, which offers handcrafted items and antiques, is open Tuesdays through Fridays from 1-6 and Saturdays from 10-6.